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JAIN challenge 2023 won!

Last week the Dutch JAIN Challenge was organized. The JAIN foundation is committed to finding innovative solutions for the support, promotion and lengthening living happily at home for people with dementia.

Out of 22 entries submitted, Samen Beslissen was declared the winner in the category ‘prototype’! Samen Beslissen Zeeland focuses on caring for people with dementia and focuses strongly on entering into a good conversation with people with dementia and their environment in combination with collecting data using sensors and acting on it. SWYCS has developed the Lifestyle Monitor to obtain this data.

With the Lifestyle Monitor, patterns of people with dementia can be tracked and monitored. By using various sensors and a tablet with a special dashboard, it is possible to keep track of the lifestyle and whether there are deviations from it. As a result, the right conversation can be started more quickly when there is an abnormality and relatives and healthcare professionals know how things are going.

Do you want to know more about the lifestyle monitor? Contact us!


With our user-friendly dashboard, real time data is gathered for the optimal insights in processes.


With the SWYCS app, malfunctions can be reported easily and quickly.

Management platform

With the management platform, sensors and gateways can easily be managed and makes a building and all its installations future-proof.

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