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The SWYCS-team

Our team exists out of versatile talents. We believe in creating smart solutions and customer satisfaction.

Rene riemens
Managing Director - CEO

Henk Capello

Annet Joziasse - van bezooijen
Personal assistant

Johan maljaars
manager operations

Sander Willemse
Project manager

Roshan gluvers
field engineer

Dainamo Hameeteman
Design & marketing

Femke Houterman
Design & marketing

Arno van liere
software engineer

Jesse labruijère
software engineer

Jochem broekhoff
embedded software engineer

Wido Snikkers
devops engineer

Koen van den berg
Front-end developer

Ilse Riddersma
Front-end developer

Jafir kluis
allround technical engineer

Ard geuze
Software engineer

Luuk van berkel
Software engineer

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