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The SWYCS-team

Our team exists out of versatile talents. We believe in creating smart solutions and customer satisfaction.

Rene riemens
Managing Director - CEO

Henk Capello

Annet Joziasse - van bezooijen
Personal assistant

Marcel THOEN
senior Sales

Johan maljaars
manager operations

Sander Willemse
Project manager

Arno van liere
software engineer

Dainamo Hameeteman
Design & marketing

Femke Houterman
Design & marketing

Jesse labruijère
software engineer

Jochem broekhoff
embedded software engineer

Ard geuze
Software engineer

Luuk van berkel
Software engineer

Jafir kluis
allround technical engineer

Wido Snikkers
devops engineer

Loden rietveld
Embedded software engineer

Koen van den berg
Front-end developer

Ilse Riddersma
Front-end developer

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