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ZiZO, a succesful demonstration project

The consortium SWYCS, SVRZ and Vilans has closed the demonstration of the Zeeuws initiatief Zorg (ZiZO) with succes. The province of Zeeland supported this project with their ‘Zeeland in stroomversnelling’ aid.

In Zeeland alone the population of people who are 75+ is estimated to be doubled by 2040. The growing population of elderly persons puts financial pressure on nursing homes for the elderly and will only grow bigger in the near future. Because of this elderly will have to live on their own for much longer. To help relieve the growing shortage of volunteers and professionals in healthcare a life style monitor was developped within the project. By the usage of smart monitoring techniques the habits and health of elderly can be tracked easily. This way care volunteers and proffesionals can be alarmed when the person changes their patterns suddenly.


With our user-friendly dashboard real time detailed data is collected to create the optimal insight into processes.


With the SWYCS app, malfunctions can be reported easily and quickly.


With the management platform sensors and gateways can easily be managed and makes a building and its installations future-proof.

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