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SWYCS servicedesk

From now on, as a SWYCS customer you can use our new service desk, so we can help you even faster! 

Report a malfunction or submit a request online? Easily create a ticket and we will process it. Via your account you can easily track the status of the ticket, receive notifications for updates or add information yourself if necessary. 

By using the new service desk, we can guarantee the quality of our service and make reporting and requests a lot more user-friendly.

Here’s how it works

When you use the service desk for the first time, you can create an account here:

Having problems? 
View the manual here or contact Sander. After you have logged in, you can create a ticket and track it via your account. 

Are you stuck? Then we are happy to help you, you can contact one of our colleagues on 0118 567 197.


With our user-friendly dashboard real time detailed data is collected to create the optimal insight into processes.


With the SWYCS app, malfunctions can be reported easily and quickly.


With the management platform sensors and gateways can easily be managed and makes a building and its installations future-proof.

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