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SWYCS has started at the University of Northampton!

After a successful kick-off we started implementing our IoT system, this way the University of Northampton van monitor the occupancy grade and use the SWYCS reservation system.

To optimally manage the buildings connections are needed, SWYCS provides the connection to Outlook, Planon, Scientia and the BMS-system. Through this the University will be able to control the energy management, ventilation and light system related to the occupancy grade.

Read more about occupancy grade or energy management on our website!


With our user-friendly dashboard, real time data is gathered for the optimal insights in processes.


With the SWYCS app, malfunctions can be reported easily and quickly.

Management platform

With the management platform, sensors and gateways can easily be managed and makes a building and all its installations future-proof.

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