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Building occupancy solutions live at Yulius

Starting this week, the SWYCS building occupancy solution will be going live at Yulius!

From now on, treatment rooms are monitored on occupancy using sensor technology. Through screens, dispersed centrally throughout the building, practitioners can see where to go with their client with just one look.

This saves the colleagues of Yulius a lot of time, effort and frustration. Through this efficient way of working, the number of needed treatment rooms are saved. Next to that, there is also energy being saved, and insights are gained as to which treatment rooms are in use the most.

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With our user-friendly dashboard, real time data is gathered for the optimal insights in processes.


With the SWYCS app, malfunctions can be reported easily and quickly.

Management platform

With the management platform, sensors and gateways can easily be managed and makes a building and all its installations future-proof.

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