Significant energy savings can be obtained by monitoring, analysing and optimizing run-time of high-power equipment used in manufacturing and industrial processes, such as zoned cooling or heating units, water pumps and area lighting.

At large sites where the electrical supply contract contains peak demand penalties or tiered usage rates, optimizations and alerts can save considerable amounts of money and ROI can be 100% to 200% in the first year. 

Many industrial sites have SCADA systems to run core processes, but do not have any ability to measure, monitor or automate non-core equipment and subsystems, resulting in significant wasted energy use and unnecessary wear on that equipment. 

Wireless IoT sensors and controls can be quickly installed at each site to feed data into a dashboard for remote monitoring and management via the web. For many industrial sites, an additional IoT based BMS without intruding on the SCADA or industrial processes would be an huge improvement. With careful analysis, alerts, remote manual controls and automation based on occupancy, temperature drifts, or the demands of other processes. Real-time status graphs can be displayed on a screen in the operator’s room alongside the SCADA status screens, and data can be downloaded on demand by analysts or for reporting and compliance purposes.

SWYCS is the IoT provider that offers these new generation IoT based Building Management Solutions:


SWYCS Energy Monitoring
SWYCS is ODA certified (NL: Onafhankelijke Diensten Aanbieder) which means that we are authorized to receive and process the data from the utility companies (electricity, natural gas and water). The user data of every individual building is online available and presented in a clear dashboard.

SWYCS Monitoring
The SWYCS IoT Gateway allows quick and easy deployment of all type of wireless sensors. For example tenant submetering (kWh), climate (oC, %RH and air air quality), position, movement and acceleration, gasses and chemicals (CO2 NOx and smoke), cracks, vibration, slope&tilt and much more. All measured data is presented in the online dashboard. The SWYCS configuration tool enables you to combine data and transforms it into valuable business intelligence. If required you can receive automaticly generated alerts via SMS or email in case of anomalies.

SWYCS Management
Connecting wireless controls to the sensors turns your building into a Smart Building. With our intuitive configuration tool based on IF>THEN>ELSE rules sensors and controls are connected and effectively a BMS. Energy reduction up to 30% and optimisation of your working processes is now available. For example by steering the meeting room conditions on the actual occupancy and the CO2 and temperature brings comfort to the users and avoids waist of energy.



  • Cost reduction
  • Improved insight
  • Multi site support from one dashboard
  • Vendor neutral by connecting Smart Devices of all brands and types